US Engine Production INC. is proud to announce that we are expanding our business operations. We have opened a new branch and manufacturing plant in Vassar Michigan. We are now offering the ability to manufacture higher volumes of diesel and gasoline applications. We have hired expert staff from across the great state of Michigan. Michigan is known for its world class work force. We have invested in new DYNO technology and machining applications that have led to boosted productivity and even higher quality control standards. We offer remanufactured solutions that are high quality and offer the best value on the market. Our solutions follow strict OEM industry standards. We have grown our production to over 5000 engines per year and are excited to continue growing. US Engine Production INC has been a leader in the Engine Remanufacturing Industry for over 35 years. Over the years, we have been able to supply the remanufactured engine market with over 150,000 engines. We specialize in manufacturing GM, Detroit Diesel, Ford, Cummins, CAT and International engines. Visit our website to learn more about our expanding company. We offer wholesale programs to dealers, as well as the lowest industry pricing to end users. Please visit: for more information on US Engine Production INC.